MHW: Appreciation Event 1 Year Anniversary | ALL Special Event Rewards | Complete Guide

It’s been 1 year since the launch of MHW and there is a lot to do in the celebrations for the appreciation fest! This video will showcase all the new event items available as well as previous event quests you may have missed. I play on ps4 so have every event available to me, however PC players will have some missing AT monsters as well as some collaboration events but most of the events are available to everyone.

The new greatest jagras quest (and later Lavasioth) are absolutely insane for jewel/decoration farming. I can’t believe how many jewels drop and I’ve already had several R8s. I hope I may finally get my mind’s eye jewel after 1 year of waiting lol

With all the AT monsters and crazy jewel farming, there’s no better time to get back into monster hunter world! The event is running until 21st feb (please check your time zone for exact date/time).

~Happy Birthday Monster Hunter World~

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