MHW | Lunastra vs Long Sword 5’10 TA Rules Blue Prominence (Optional Quest) ナナ・テスカトリ vs 太刀

R. I.P. Sub 5
Luna-chan your health is so thick. Aaaaaaa

Luna pic by HectorHerrera…

Ciel Phantomhive pic by Noir Sylois…

★8 青のプロミネンス
Blue Prominence
(Optional Quest)

MHW | SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce 6’48 Long Sword TA Rules 軽やかで恐ろしく、そして熱く 太刀

Infernal Monarchy 5’50 Long Sword vs Lunastra + Teostra TA Rules 炎王龍と炎妃龍 太刀

The Thronetaker 8’44 Long Sword TA wiki rules 誰が玉座に牙を剥く(Tempered Nergy, Teo ‘n Luna) No Mantle, Palico, Flash Pods Tools etc.

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