MHW: Assassin’s Creed Collaboration Event | Rewards | Layered Armor | New Tool!

Capcom do a big announcement for the Witcher collaboration next year but this one just sort of snuck in the event event scheduled!
It’s not announced on their page page and pretty easy to miss if you weren’t playing attention…. intentional? maybe…. Assassin’s are the masters of stealth!

Those on consoles can do the event quest SDF: Silent, deadly & fierce until the 10th January (i’m sure it will be back again and eventually for Pc players also).

Male or Female, you can play as Bayek by using the layered armor skin. Dee, my palico, was a little upset that she was left out of the costumes 🙁 I have dyed her Kulve armors a silver so she can feel like she has the gamma armor. Palicos want gamma armor too Capcom!!

More interesting is the new specialized tool for increasing movement speed. That will be a staple in my gathering set at least and quite nice for those hunting down monsters.

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