MHW: Sword & Shield Support Builds Heal & Buff Your Whole Team! | Mixed Set | PC XBOX PS4

My sword & shield support build aka field medic or healer. For those people who can’t care about being the top dps in the group but rather help boost everyone to get the mission done without fail!

This build has come just in time for PC players who will be facing off against the behemoth very soon! I have done a video guide on the behemoth going over his different move set since it is more of a technical fight. In that video I use a supportive LBG build instead. Both have their advantages. Sword and shield is able to use items while their weapon is out so it interrupts game-play less than other weapons which have to sheath 1st, it’s also slightly less micro managing as you don’t have to ammo to manage.

Useful consumable list
Potion (& honey to make mega)
mega potions
Blue mushroom (if using mushroommancer)
Toad stool (or immunizers)
Max potion (doesn’t work with wide range, I use to cap out hp if canteen buffs don’t already)
Nulberries (removes blights)
Cold drinks
Astera Jerky (removes bleeding and recovers red health)
Dash Juice (reduced stamina cost and increased recovery)
Might/adamant seed (attack/ def buff lasts 3 mins)
Demon/hardshell powder (attack/ def buff lasts 3 mins)
Might Pill (overrides Might seed and only lasts 30 secs use for burst damage opportunities)
(Mega) Demon & armorskins (attack/def buff lasts until faint)
Flash pods
Power/armor charms & talons

There are some fishing consumables which can be wide-ranged for even more health recovery but since I don’t fish a whole alot in world I don’t really use them much. Sometimes the argosy will bring some back.

Feel free to check out my other videos!

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