[MHW] Odogaron solo (Hunting Horn) – TA Rules – 1’59’13

Hey I got a new PB on this bad boy, cheers.

Odogaron Unleashed with the Taroth Pipe ‘Sleep’ Hunting Horn.

🔥Jin Furai with the hot double tempered Deviljhos! ☞

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Hello, my name is Griffted. I play a game called Monster Hunter and use a weapon called the Hunting Horn. I make videos about the Hunting Horn. I talk about the Hunting Horn. I write about the Hunting Horn. I dream about the Hunting Horn. Lets get whimsical together.
This video couldn’t have been made without:

🎶 Music by – Jaxim & Rockit Maxx

🎨 Thumbnail art by – Bassamii (Odogaron)

🦖 Monster Hunter by Capcom – http://youtube.com/monsterhunter

Monster Hunter Worlds Hunting Horn Hero
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Hunting Horn Hero

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