MHW Steam (PC) | マム鬼周回部 #1

MHW Steam (PC) | Let’s farming KT with me!

[マム周回ルール / Rules of KT farming]
重要: 大タルG分の調合は持てるだけ持ってください。
Important: You must have Mega Barrel Bomb x2, Large Barrel Bomb x2, Devil’s Blight x10, Large Barrel x5 and Gunpowder x20. Craft these to Mega Barrel Bomb in quest.

Can’t slaying KT at once quest. It will trying 2 times.

1周目 / Primary Quest
1. 胸に爆弾を置いて、マムを怒らせましょう・
 Explode chest and make angry.
2.黄金を全部位破壊しましょう。推奨: 雷
 Break all parts in primary quest. Recommend: Thunder
3. マムがエリア移動後はなるべく痕跡を集めましょう。
 Collect many footprints when she moves area.
4. マムが脱いだら帰りましょう。
 Leave quest if you saw her nude.

2周目 / Secondary Quest
5. 黄金を適当に破壊しましょう。推奨: 雷
 Break parts. Recommend: Thunder
6. マムが脱いだら大角のみ攻撃しましょう。睡眠爆破がベスト! 推奨: 氷
Target to horn after she takes off. Sleeping Bomb is best of DPS. Recommend: Ice

集会所番号 (Session ID): 3pseatkNCHv (野良)

(MHWPC: 配信概要欄最終更新日 2018/9/20)



Thank you for watching stream!
I can’t speak English fluently (many mistakes grammar).
English comments will be reply to you on chat.
⚠This stream has some many shaking on screen. Please watch own your risk of motion sickness.

Do not things about the following matters on this stream.
・insult to any other ppls
・chat spamming
・chat that others feel uncomfortable

Specs of PC:

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