MHW Hammer KO King Build

The Endgame Version of my previous build made with more damage and utility. Great in Solos and in Groups you’ll be giving out KO’s to any Monster that gets in your way. All while looking good!

Early Game Version Here:…

Gear Includes: Skills Include:
Barroth Breaker Elemental Airborne
KO Charm Attack Boost +4
Dragonking Patch Health Boost +3
Damascus Chest Beta Critical Boost +3
Drachen Arms Weakness Exploit +3
Damascus Waist Beta Focus +3
Drachen Legs Slugger +3 Stamina Thief +3
Decorations Include: Critical Eye +2
Sharp Jewel Protective Polish
Attack Jewel Non-Elemental Boost
Elementless Jewel
Drain Jewel x3
Critical Jewel x2
Vitality Jewel x3
Tenderizer Jewel

Weapon Augments Include:
Affinity Increase plus two other Augments of your choice. Health Regen and Attack Increase used in video.



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