MHW How Japanese Pro Players Hunt Elder Dragons – Teostra, Kushala And Nergigante Trio

This took place at MHW Championship Tokyo Grandfinal, done by the grand final winner Team AGent. There will be a Dream Match event that invites winners of the championship in the respective region including Japan, Korea, Hongkong, USA, and Taiwan to perform hunts live in Japan on 9/23. Stay tuned if you are interested.

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Well, I decided to upload this because there are always “cloud” players that think what they do is easy. To put it straight, nothing they do are as easy as they’ve shown it to you. It takes at least a few hundred hours to practice and another few hundred hours to perfect the run. Unlike Youtubers that can grind out a hunt with optimized gear and only upload the best and perfect runs, they are doing it on the live stream with preset gears that are balanced by Capcom to give them a fair challenge which means there is next to zero room for error. I think I have said enough. TLDR: Think and try it yourself (those quests are publicly available) before running your mouth and trash talk other people’s efforts.

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