MHW: Behemoth Extreme | Super Tank Lance | Mixed Set | 5.0 Guide | Tips

This is a video showing the build I used to defeat the Behemoth Extreme Event quest, I give lots of helpful advice and tips in order to help you beat the event before it leaves. It is definitely the hardest quest currently in mhw and will mostly likely require several attempts especially if you go with a random SOS. It is manageable with an SOS, just everyone has to know what they are doing.

This build can also be used with other weapons by changing a few skills here or there to meet the weapons needs e.g. gunlance swapping in capacity boost and artillery for extra dps . Also worked well with Heavy Bowgun with shield mods (make sure you use a low recoil ammo type when tanking). If you use sword and shield having wide-range lv 5 helps the group out and perhaps speed eating (gobbler) to save more people!

Mind’s eye is very helpful in the fight (but not essential) since with white sharpness you still bounce on behemoth’s body/Horn. Aim for the head, legs or tail.

Good luck for the fight! As a rewards you get drachen layered armor and a “warrior of light” guild card title for bragging rights 😛

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