[MHW] Arch Tempered Teostra Hammer solo 4’56″10 (TA Wiki rules) | 歴戦王テオ・テスカトル ハンマー ソロ

I feel good enough about this improvement to upload. A couple of timing and accuracy mistakes cost a lot of time. Fixing those would save 20 seconds or so. I could see low 4 minutes for a perfect run with a limp stop. Thanks to ZebraQuake for helping me understand Teo’s stagger mechanics so I could come up with a good strategy to exploit them.

Diablos Shatterer II (Elementless) (Affinity/Health Augment)
Nergigante Helm α (Expert)
Drachen Mail α (Mighty)
Drachen Vambraces α (2xTenderizer)
Drachen Coil α (Handicraft)
Drachen Greaves α (Tenderizer)
Handicraft Charm III

Critical Eye 7, Attack Boost 4, Handicraft 4, Maximum Might 3, Weakness Exploit 3, Critical Boost 2, Power Prolonger 1, Non-Elemental Boost 1, Master’s Touch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hybriiss
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/hybriss


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