[MHW] Arch Tempered Teostra Hammer solo 5’51 (TA Wiki rules) | 歴戦王テオ・テスカトル ハンマー ソロ

This monster is pretty fun. I know some weapons are having trouble dealing with the speed increase, but it feels perfect for hammer. Some of the AI patterns can be very annoying though. I’ll keep trying to improve this run and hopefully stop the limp. Sub 5 is the dream goal!

Diablos Shatterer II (Elementless) (Affinity/Health Augment)
Nergigante Helm α (Expert)
Drachen Mail α (Mighty)
Drachen Vambraces α (2xTenderizer)
Drachen Coil α (Handicraft)
Drachen Greaves α (Tenderizer)
Handicraft Charm III

Critical Eye 7, Attack Boost 4, Handicraft 4, Maximum Might 3, Weakness Exploit 3, Critical Boost 2, Power Prolonger 1, Non-Elemental Boost 1, Master’s Touch


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