【MHW】ARCH TEMPERED KIRIN 6’33 (SOLO BOW) – Day 1 attempt

【MHW】ARCH TEMPERED KIRIN 6’33 (SOLO BOW) – Day 1 attempt
To be honest considering the RNG I have got today I’m satisfied. I know there are people out there that already subbed 4 this quest using a better bow set and most importatly are more confident at using the bow aggressively than me. I’ll problay try a few more runs in the next days but I have to say this quest is REALLY boring and honestly too RNG based to be considered a good quest to speedrun.
THE ARMOR SET: Anja Arch III (2x Affinity / 1x Slot)
– Rath soul beta
– Rathalos beta
– Empress beta
– Empress beta
– Diablos nero beta
– Fitness charm III
– Decorations / jewels: 4x Blaze, 1x Spread, 1x Mighty bow, 1x Tenderizer, 2x Critical
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