MHW – The Thronetaker 6’58 Insect Glaive Solo (TA wiki rules) / 誰が玉座に牙を剥く 操虫棍 ソロ

The Teostra fight could have been a lot better without the ledge and without Lunastra’s body basically negating Razor Sharp. I’m happy with how the Lunastra fight went and had a huge sigh of relief when I managed to stop both from limping.

I’m getting tired of fighting Lunastra, so it may be a while before I upload a run of the optional quest.

1. Nobuo Uematsu – On the Verge of Assault (FFVII Crisis Core Battle Theme)
2. Masashi Hamauzu – Blinded By Light (FFXIII Battle Theme)
3. Masashi Hamauzu – Last Hunter (FFXIII-2 Battle Theme)


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