MHW “Elemental Builds Deal Way More Damage Than This, You Happy Now?” Anti Kulve Taroth Bow Build

The reason behind this build is because:
1. Kulve Taroth body is large, it’s perfect target for Dragon Piercer.
2. She is weak to ice in first two stages but not in the third stage, so Cera bow is the best choice with the highest raw plus some ice element damage with element release activated.
3. She has many one shot K.O. move sets for ranged character that leaves your room of error very very small, but with 2 health boost decoration, she 100% can’t one shot you.
4. Her two most threatening moves involves setting you on fire blight so we use blight resistance lv3 to counter it.

With this build anyone even without any knowledge of bow can contribute significantly to taking down this Siege boss and get bling bling armor. I hope you guys enjoy this build and good luck hunting!

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