【MHW】チャージアックス★7 ディアブロスの狩猟 2’19″78 – Elemental Phial Charge Blade, HR Diablos Solo

Video showcasing Ice elemental phial Charge Blade before upcoming update on 22th March. I made many mistakes at the beginning so it’s definately possible to go sub 2.

No cat included in this run.

It’s also worth mentioning that set is not fully optimised. I’m lacking one Agitator jewel to get Agitator lvl5. The weapon is also not augmented at all. I suspect you can get much better results with those conditions fulfilled.

Elemental Phial CB is most definately doing OK dmg on target which has high elemental weakness. It’ll be interesting to see how things change when they’ll buff elemental phial power with upciming update on March 22th.

Skills and set shown at 2:51.


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