MHW: Great Sword – Full Power Build (98% critical + 37 actual damage)

The great sword build that I promised. I was aiming for a similar build as the invincible hammer build, then I realized, for great sword, attack is the best defense. That’s how this build comes, with almost perfect critical chance and very very high actual damage boost, plus decent life steal. Worth to mention, after the next patch, this build will be even stronger because the first 2 charge combos are enahnced.

This build comes with following skills:
* Hasten Recovery (nergigante hunger)
* Peak Performance LvMAX
* Attack Boost Lv4
* Weakness Exploit LvMAX
* Maximum Might LvMAX
* Critical Eye Lv1
* Non-elemental Boost
* Focus LvMAX
* Speed Sharpening LvMAX

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