MHW – The Sapphire Star’s Guidance SnS Solo [9’24″933]

MHW 導きの青い星 片手剣 ソロ 9’24″933

No cats, no bombs. I’m really happy about this run, amazing luck and I didn’t choke any of my strats. There’s a detailed breakdown about this run in the description below this.

Build – 9:35
First up is the build, which is a pretty standard Max Might/WE mixset with non-elemental boosted Barroth Club. The details are shown at the end of the run. What’s important here is Fortify, which replaces a point of Attack. Why I run it will be explained later. This set isn’t 100% optimal, but it’s a good general purpose set for this TA. There are 2 potential optimizations to the setup. First this setup reaches 85% critical without the Affinity Booster. Arguably I’m over investing in critical and I should cut Max Might to leave me at 55% without booster and 100% with booster. The main reason I avoid this is I don’t want to rely on RNG to keep the monsters in my booster, as it’s very common to get a flashed charge or some other move and end up losing the booster effects. The second optimization is Protective Polish, which may not be necessary for this run given how fast kill times are here. These points would go towards Agitator, but the extra ~12-16 raw gained by this didn’t feel worth the hassle.

Kushala Daora – 0:25
The worst fight of this run, the common strategy for TAs is to cause a stunlock using the head. SnS doesn’t have this luxury as charged backstep has a bad hitbox, so you’ll have to rely on a lot of randomness here. The initial spawn can be close or far, in this run I got a far spawn. For a far spawn you can apply Protective Polish and drop your booster before engaging. For a close spawn you’ll have to equip the mantle, advancing slash, and then drop the booster. Ideally you kill this in under 2’30 including exiting the camp.

Intermission 1 – 2:07
Now we get to the interesting strategies. Corpses take 2 minutes to despawn in MHW, and this quest only spawns the next monster after the previous one despawns. I’m not aware of any methods to speed this up. So most runs will just idle for 2 minutes before reactivating all their buffs and starting Teostra. But I suicide using the lava and heat to trigger a Fortify stack instead. Dying from 100HP takes about 40 seconds plus an additional 30 seconds to run back outside. Depending on how low you are after Daora, you can either trigger 1 or 2 stacks of Fortify by suiciding. However 2 stacks will always leave you next to no preperation time for Teostra. Since my Daora went well, I elected to stay at 1 stack. I swap my mantle for Evasion (tool cooldowns are tied to the item not the slot), pop some extra buffs, and we get to fight 2.

Teostra – 4:36
Probably the hardest fight of the run, given you can’t just shut your brain off and Rocksteady through it. I flash here for a quick knockdown, and then try to proc Evasion Mantle off the first roar after the flash wears off. You’re mostly looking to headlock Teostra, which is more doable than Daora. Sadly this requires multiple fire breaths or powder spreading to accomplish. Luckily for me I got that and some chance evasion procs from powder which allowed me to finish it off quickly. You’re aiming for 1’30 or less.

Intermission 2 – 5:54
So I was going to suicide for a second stack of Fortify, but the cool drink and 150 HP made me give up halfway through. I got to keep my food buffs instead. A few funny things happen here, my Whetfish Fin+ broke on Teostra so my setup timing is thrown off and my time was so fast my Rocksteady Mantle wasn’t off cooldown until the very last moment. I didn’t get the chance to drop my Affinity Booster either.

Nergigante – 8:20
This one’s a joke, but I almost failed to flash it to stop it from running to its nest which would’ve killed the run. Luckily the choke wasn’t real. This is just standard Rocksteady vs Nergigante, but it has less HP and I have Fortify. Almost feels unfair. Anything under 1’20 is good here.

I was aiming for any sub-10 time, so I didn’t expect to absolutely smash that mark. The Teostra and Nergigante fights are both technically no damage and the entire run uses no potions. Even if this gets beaten I’m not really bothered. This will probably my last MHW upload for now, depending on when Deviljho is released I may or may not be able to record something for it.

Thanks to Havian for making the thumbnail for me.

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