Monster Hunter World [MHW] – Deaf Tank Gunlance Build (Survive Tempered Quest!)

End-game Gunlance build that’s tanky, does good damage to everything (300+ dmg per combo), and ignores all roars because we can’t hear! Don’t faint like those other scrubs in 1-2 cart limit tempered elder quest, be worshiped as the last remaining survivor of the party and the one to blow the monster to smithereens!

Montage: 0:00
Build: 1:36

Full burst Gunlance is in a tricky spot of having any dmg be less effective, because any standard atk buffs aren’t contributing to shell damage, and vice versa of shell damage doing nothing for normal hits. So that’s why I throw out most offense for more defense, and it’s been working wonders. Super tanky, easily kill things under 10 minutes, most around 5-7 min, and I’m talking tempered elders. Its basically my go-to build for faint 1 limit tempered elder quest, it’s that good. So hope you guys enjoy it!

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