Monster Hunter World [MHW] – Obliterator Bow Build (100% Crit/100+ Arrow dmg DP)

(This build version is old, go see the new one via the pinned comment of this video). First build I put together for World, using Bow’s strongest attack to shred foes in a single shot. Over 400-700 dmg per well aimed Dragon piercer, if even around 1k to a certain big boy.

Montage: 0:00
Build: 2:00

Build involves some complex things like peak performance and cri draw, as well as generally being rather hard to put together, so not a beginner build by any stretch, but more advanced bow players should enjoy the damage and relaxing playstyle. With atk+4, total atk with might seed and atk L from food is 377. If you don’t like peak performance, then go with agitator +2 charm, and nerg beta waist with agitator jewel. Its 8 less atk then peak tho, though I suppose you can augment atk on bow to make the difference.

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