[MHW] All Melee Weapons’ Combo DPS Comparison Compilation w/ Additions

NOTICE: This is not meant for comparing weapons against each other, this is meant for showcasing what the strongest combos of each weapon are.

Mistakes: Thanks to Malurth for pointing this out: I forgot to include amped state for the two Morph combos at the end of the SA section, which would have made the Morph Spam 25.75 DPS, and the Fade Morph one 28.9

TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Scorptice for saving me the trouble):
0:00 Hammer
0:43 Long Sword
2:55 Switch Axe
5:01 Great Sword
7:07 Hunting Horn
8:32 Dual Blades
9:52 Gunlance
11:08 Lance
12:23 Sword and Shield
14:04 Charge Blade
16:04 Insect Glaive

Finally done. Frame-perfect editing: never again.

I couldn’t figure out what to do for the music so I didn’t do anything.

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